Magento 1.x ends support in June 2020, Magento 2.x upgrade

Magento (Adobe) announced last year that the official technical support for version 1.x will end in June 2020. This means that after that date, official security patches and update releases for version 1.x will no longer be available. Unpatched systems will only be the ones vulnerable to security and won’t be found in shopping malls where money transactions such as payments can occur. The Magento 2.x has significantly improved security-related features and performance over 1.x and an operational interface. The environment is also optimized for modern e-commerce.

The Magento 2.x which was released in 2015, is constantly supported by security updates, cross-site scripting (XXS), enhanced hash algorithms (SHA-256 vs. MD5), and many other securities built into 2.x. through technology. It provides a more stable service.

Migrate to the Magento 2.x from the Magento 1.x technology protection to protect your valuable digital assets and experience a global e-commerce platform created with a variety of the latest digital technologies and vast customer experience data from around the world.